Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Why buy organic clothing?

Organic clothing is generally more expensive than normal clothing, but do you know you can actually save money with organic clothing?  With the frenzy of toy recalls, people have started asking questions.  Are their children's toys safe?  How about their clothes?  It is time to look more closely at all the things our children eat, touch, feel and wear in their everyday lives. Here is a quick summary:

Why organic?
1) Fewer chemicals used: Normal cotton clothing typically retains harmful toxic residues, and can cause rashes, allergic reaction, skin irritation and eczema on sensitive skin.  We all know that babies' skin is far more sensitive than adults, so why not buy organic clothing for your little one?
2) Soft and comfortable for our babies and children:  Whereas pesticide and chemically-treated clothing traps heat and prevents skin from absorbing adequate moisture—often causing rashes and eczema on sensitive skin, organic cotton is natural and breathable.  Children with allergies particularly benefit, as organic cotton does not have the residual toxic residues that linger on conventional cotton.  Even those without sensitive skin find organic cotton more comfortable and kid-friendly.  The longer fibres stretch as children grow.
3) Less water/carbon is used:  Today, conventional cotton crops occupy about 3% of the world's cultivated areas but yet it consumes 25% of pesticides and 10% of insecticides produced in the world.  By buying organic products you are also helping to prevent, water pollution, loss of biodiversity, and reducing soil fertility
Why wouldn’t you buy organic?
1) The fabric lasts longer:  Although organic clothes cost more, in the long run, it will be a better purchase as it is more durable than non-organic cotton.  While non-organic cotton generally starts breaking after 20 washes, organic cotton safely lasts up to at least 100 washes!

2) The fabric is gorgeous :)
3) No bleaching or harsh chemicals are used in organic cotton:  Since such clothes are produced organically, it is safer for our environment.  So, when you purchase organic clothes, you not only are making a healthier choice for your child, but also our environment!


Moppetisle said...

organic baby clothes are very important for a new born baby because they are free from chemicals, pesticides, toxics.Organic clothes help in good respiration for babies through which the temperature and moisture of the body is maintained well. Dresses For Girls

kelvin tuther said...

organic clothing are very important for newly born babies because they are very important to care them.thank you for remember us that awesome fact.

Madeleine Macy said...

Glad you posted this! I think I'm going to have to look into this clothing line to see if I can add it to the site my mom and I started :) Thanks!

organic clothing

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