Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Join the nappy revolution!

Matty has been on cloth nappies since he was a newborn - which comes at a surpise to some!

This is him at two weeks old! Oh gosh, I forgot how small babies used to be! :) We used the traditional Pigeon nappies as I wasn't aware of the various modern cloth nappies out there, but it definitely served its purpose anyway.

Till now, Matty uses cloth nappies when we are at home or out for short trips, as he's not fully toilet trained yet.

Modern cloth nappies have revolutionised nappy usage in recent years. Now, they are made of materials such as organic cotton, bamboo or microfibre. Such nappies are not only absorbent, they don’t require pins or liners and come in a wide range of funky prints!

There are many pros and cons to using a cloth nappy, but one thing is for sure a baby has to use A LOT of nappies/diapers in the first one to two years. 

The good news is that parents will save big bucks if they choose a cloth nappy system over the single-use disposable alternative. These savings will also increase when these cloth nappies are used for subsequent children! Cloth nappies are also environmentally friendly as it does not contribute to landfills like the disposables. There has been debate about the water usage of washing the nappies which may outweigh the pros of the cloth nappies, so do weigh the pros and cons before you decide on a cloth nappy system.

I personally find that cloth nappies are better for diaper rash as well, as it is made of natural fibres and probably because the nappies are changed more often. Sure, there have been leakages here and there, but that also comes with disposable nappies too.

We have started using these modern nappies too - as I recently won a SgBum diaper in a giveaway. I haven't had the chance of taking a photo, but will share it as soon as I have it! Here is a good guide to the various cloth nappy systems there are! Didn't realise there were that many.

So let's go green and join the nappy revolution!

Would you like us to carry cloth nappies in our shop, tell us now!

p/s: MyEcoBabe is doing a giveaway at PreggyMum, do check it out and join in the fun!

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